JORDI BARCELÓ: art and feeling

Jordi Barceló is considered the musician par excellence of Andorra. Pianist, composer and pedagogue. He is the founder and co-owner of the La Grandàlia Musical Artistic Center, , where he teaches classical, modern and jazz piano.

He combines this work with the musical direction of the music band Grossband d’Andorra, made up of 30 amateur musicians and concerts around the world.

He has collaborated as a composer, arranger, musical director and piano player with renowned international artists and groups of classical music, jazz, flamenco and Latin music, among which stand out names such as Lucrecia, Miguel Àngel Céspedes, Àngela Carrasco, Moncho, Mónica Green, Parrita, Los Manolos, Cotton Club Big Band, Andorra Big Band, Music Workshop Big Band, ONCA (Andorra National Classical Orchestra) and the Cor dels Petits Cantors of Andorra.

My passion is music… and the piano. This vocation was born thanks to my father, who took me with him in the summer to act as an accompanying pianist on cruises around the world.

– Jordi Barceló –


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